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It takes more than just a good idea to become a successful business. It takes mentorship, access to capital, and of course true determination and grit. No one knows that better than XML who has been supporting young entrepreneurs and their visions in partnership with the Bullis School since 2015.

“We are always proud to work with the students at the Bullis School in their CAPSTONE Entrepreneurship program”, said Brett Bernstein, CFP, CEO and Co-Founder of XML Financial Group (XML). Although there is a winner who is awarded a cash prize each year, not all teams are able to take their visions and turn them into reality after the program ends.

That is certainly not the case for the Bullis Shark Tank Winner from 2018, Brett Guterman, and his team who dreamed of being innovators in the diaper bag changing station market. As the team graduated and moved onto college, only one team member remained committed to the original mission, to create a clean, comfortable, and convenient place for parents to change a baby’s diaper, anytime, anywhere.

Enter Brett Guterman, Founder, CEO, and now, the sole owner of OTGBABY Inc, (On The Go Baby), formerly Rockabye Backpack. Brett had the fortitude and vision to follow through on the initial concept, and bought out his original partners, rebranded in 2019, and relaunched the company in 2020, after being granted a utility patent in July of the same year.

The company brought the patented Go Bag to market via a successful Kickstarter campaign in September 2020 and has been selling its products across the U.S. and Canada since February 2021. The functional and fashionable Go Bags are currently being sold through the company’s website www.otgbaby.com as well as in over 30 boutiques across the country. OTGBABY most recently launched on Amazon and is expanding rapidly.

“Our early opportunities for success would not have been possible without the financial support and business advice from XMLFG. Every entrepreneur needs people to believe in him/her from the start and we were extraordinarily lucky to have XML in our corner”, said Guterman.

The future looks very bright for OTGBABY as they are expanding with new products and market reach. We are most excited for parents to be able to get back on the go with OTGBABY for stress-free family time,” added Guterman.


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