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The threat of cybercrime is steadily increasing: according to Cybersecurity Ventures, the rate of cybercrime grows at a staggering 15% year-over-year.1 This growing threat makes you more likely to fall victim to cybercrime; fortunately, there are ways you can protect yourself, and XML Financial Group is here to show you how.

On May 11, XML Senior Wealth Advisor & Partner Eric Wightman hosted a discussion on cybersecurity and fraud protection with XML Chief Compliance Officer Jennifer Szaro, CRCP®

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*Correction: Regulation S-P was enacted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) in response to the privacy provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.

Jennifer shared key insights into protecting yourself from cybercrime and fraud, and topics included:

  • Key tips for protecting yourself on the internet—and why they are important
  • How to spot the psychological strategies cybercriminals use
  • Where to turn for trusted advice or help protecting yourself from fraud & cybercrime

Jennifer Szaro, CRCP®

Jennifer Szaro, CRCP® is the Chief Compliance Officer for XML Financial Group and the affiliated broker-dealer, XML Securities, LLC. She manages the firms’ compliance with applicable state and industry regulations, such as those under the SEC and FINRA. Jennifer also serves on the XML Leadership and Operations Committees. Having been in the industry for over 20 years, Jennifer is active in the financial services industry. She’s served as a panelist at conferences and represents input for small firm broker-dealers on FINRA’s Small Firm Advisory Committee (SFAC), which she served as chair in 2020. She was reappointed to serve a full term on the SFAC through 2023.

Eric Wightman

Eric Wightman is a Senior Wealth Advisor and Partner of the XML Financial Group. He is dedicated to building lasting relationships with his clients and helping them navigate a complex world in order to build a sound financial and investment plan that centers around what matters most to them. With more than 20 years of wealth management experience, Eric has been recognized for his accomplishments by various financial publications. He also hosts the podcast “Common Sense Investing,” with the purpose of educating investors. He considers himself a value investor and firmly believes that successful investing requires having a value-oriented financial plan.

Before embarking on a career in financial services, Eric attended culinary school and worked at numerous award-winning restaurants and hotels throughout the country. Eric is committed to service in his community and has helped with fundraising for a number of local charitable organizations such as Hope Cam, the Orphan Foundation of America and The Neediest Kids.

*This webinar is for educational and informational purposes only. Content is not intended to be a recommendation or solicitation for the sale or investment in any product, strategy or service nor should it be perceived as individual advice.

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