Webinar | How Insurance Plays Into Your Long-Term Financial Plan

On September 20, we hosted a webinar about how insurance can be used as a component of a long-term financial plan. Samson Wealth Management Group (a division of XML Financial Group) Senior Partner Mark Samson was joined by Todd Landau, a multi-decade insurance industry veteran and Managing Director at the Marcus Insurance Agency, Inc/One80 Intermediaries.

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In addition to taking insurance-related questions from the audience, Mark and Todd discussed topics such as:

  • A general overview of insurance types including life, disability, long-term care, and second-to-die insurance (also known as survivorship life insurance)
  • Why insurance should be part of your financial planning process
  • What type of insurance is best for you during various life stages

Todd Landau

Todd Landau is a Managing Director at The Marcus Insurance Agency, Inc/One80 Intermediaries. He began his career in 1988 in a family insurance business personally selling life, disability, long-term care, and annuities. This early experience allowed Todd to develop relationships with estate planning attorneys, accountants, and financial advisors in an effort to be a part of the planning process for clients. Todd also has a strong medical underwriting background. He is a graduate of Syracuse University.

Mark Samson

Mark Samson is a Senior Partner at the Samson Wealth Management Group, a division of XML Financial Group. Over the past 30 years, Mark has built a team of experienced professionals and together they have established a loyal client base by providing sound financial advice and excellent client service. He takes time to understand each client’s individual goals and risk tolerance, and with the help of his team, designs a portfolio that balances growth, income, and asset preservation. Mark is known for being accessible to clients and works closely with their other advisors, including attorneys and accountants, to focus on total wealth management.

*This webinar is for educational and informational purposes only. Content is not intended to be a recommendation or solicitation for the sale or investment in any product, strategy or service nor should it be perceived as individual advice.

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