Webinar Recording | 2021 Mid-Year Markets Outlook

On July 20, we hosted a live webinar featuring insight and perspective from two veterans of the capital markets: Bradford Pineault, VP and Capital Markets Strategist at Fidelity, and Scott Wren, Senior Global Equity Strategist at Wells Fargo Investment Institute. Hosted by John Sciuto, Wealth Advisor at XML Financial Group, this event was a valuable opportunity for clients to ask questions directly to senior equity strategists at Fidelity and Wells Fargo Investment Institute.

In addition to covering the current market environment, the webinar also featured:

  • A recap of 2021 to date
  • Perspectives for the rest of 2021
  • How inflation could affect the equity markets
  • An open forum, led by our host and featuring questions submitted by the audience
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John Sciuto

John Sciuto is a Wealth Advisor at XML Financial Group, where he specializes in guiding his clients through their most important financial and life decisions. He focuses on comprehensive financial planning, personally curated investment portfolios and listening to the specific needs of his clients. John’s expertise in holistic long-term planning and in-depth market analysis help his clients navigate today’s complex economic environment. Prior to joining XML Financial Group, John worked as a financial advisor at Wells Fargo Advisors and served on the board of the non-profit organization United Community, where he acted as the board’s investment research lead. John also worked in government affairs and as a corporate consultant. John received his Bachelor of Arts from the University of Richmond and earned his master’s degree from George Washington University.


Bradford Pineault, CFA®

Bradford Pineault, CFA® is a Vice President and Capital Markets Strategist at Fidelity Institutional Asset Management, Fidelity Investments’ distribution and client service organization where he works with Fidelity's Sales Professionals and their advisor clients. Brad also works with advisors to discuss certain sector strategies and to provide overall support on why sectors matter when it comes to building an investment portfolio. Brad is dedicated to meeting the needs of consultants and institutional investors, such as defined benefit and defined contribution plans, endowments, and financial advisors.


Scott Wren

Scott Wren is Senior Global Market Strategist for Wells Fargo Investment Institute, a subsidiary of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., which is focused on delivering the highest quality investment expertise and advice to help investors manage risk and succeed financially. Scott is a member of the Investment Strategy Committee, which is the team that produces strategy and guidance recommendations for global financial, real asset, and alternatives markets. With his knowledge of the financial markets, he is often quoted in national media outlets including Reuters, The Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, and The Wall Street Journal. He frequently appears in interviews on Bloomberg Television, the Fox Business Network, and CNBC's “Nightly Business Report."


*This webinar is for educational and informational purposes only. Content is not intended to be a recommendation or solicitation for the sale or investment in any product, strategy or service nor should it be perceived as individual advice.

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